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Clan symbols/clothes/cars.
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Joined: 15th Aug 2012
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15th Aug 2012

As probably all of you know our clan colors are balck and white. Why ?Because all other clans got some other colors we chose black and white to be unique.

So i sent all of you the clan symbols if i did not write to me.

I would apreciate if you would use it as a display picture. That would help the clan get more known in APB:R.

Clan colors are:

- Black (31/0/0)

- White (0/0/15)

If you do not know what these codes mean i will explain to you. You go in designer under colors you got a symbol like this >> # << you click on that and enter the code there than you get color and you can use it to make your clothes/cars.

Please wear the clan clothes when you play with the clan. You dont need to wear it when you play alone but if you would we would apreciate it.

This is all about clan clothing/cars i hope that all of you will be in clan colors as soon as posible.

We will make clan clothes for those of you who dont have premium and we will also make cars. Cars will be to buy clothes will be free. We will upload clan clothes/cars/symbols in this thread.

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Forum » Community » Clan Thread
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