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Clan Rules !!!
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Joined: 15th Aug 2012
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15th Aug 2012


-Wear our clan clothes/symbols when you play with clan if you dont play we would apreciate if you would wear them anyway.

-Don´t acuse people for hacking in district. Whisper them and tell them if you cant sit still against this hacker and tell him that privately but never ever write in district. If he/she realy is a hacker other will do that for you in district.

-Don´t hack ever if we find out that you do you will instantly be banned from clan.

-Don`t abuse glitches, bugs etc.

-Don`t camp unless the other team was camping before/after you got item (hold missions) that goes for all hold missions except for Blue Truck hold and checkpoints of course .

-Play mature listen to others coordinate with other members in group and use TS3 to comunicate.

-Have fun in clan and visit our forums.

If you break any of that rules you will get banned from the clan if you got an excuse or anything else contact me or any of the officers, maybe we can talk it out (Except for hacking) !

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Hate the player not the game !

Forum » Community » Clan Thread
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